The perfect accessory for a designer fireplace, these straight glass fire screens are available in various sizes

A beautiful fireplace is a focal point in your home and it will offer plenty of warm and comfort on a cold and chilly night. However, it is important to make sure that your fireplace is safe by using the correct fireguard. A glass fireguard will ensure that no pieces of burning coal or wood come out of the fireplace and onto the floor or carpet. Also, the fireguard will prevent anyone from getting to close to the fire and eliminate the risk of hair, scarves or clothing from igniting.

Glass fireguards are very important when you have pets or children in the home. Unaware of the dangers that fire can bring, your furry friends or your little ones might get too close to the flames in curiosity – the fireguard will protect them from harm. The glass shield is too heavy for a toddler or an animal to move, which makes it a safer option than the normal metal cage type fire guard.

Fireguards are made with toughened glass, which is very strong and unlikely to break. In the unusual event of the glass breaking, it will break into small pieces without sharp edges. Also, many fireguards are designed so that they will be difficult to tip over even when they are pulled on.

It only takes a second for a devastating accident to happen with a fireplace. By installing a glass fireguard you can protect your family members from harm and ensure that your fireplace is not a dangerous hazard.

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